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More pipelines? The price just went up

After less than a year of operation, the Dakota Access Pipeline is nearly full. There is more demand potential for it as the Bakken continues to expand production.

But new pipelines are not in the works for a lot of reasons. A new concern to add to the list is the cost of imported steel, which now has a 25 percent tariff on it.

Oil supply in N.D. dips, but forecast remains optimistic

Prospects for the Bakken oil fields remain positive as 2018’s second quarter nears. As data from North Dakota’s Department of Mineral Resources indicates, an uptick in oil production could be on the horizon after a slight dip in December. This news comes as a boon to an already surging oil industry, which could be on the precipice of a record-setting year.

As the North Dakota oil industry continues to thrive, however, a shortage of employees remains an issue. With a high demand for qualified labor, companies may begin upping their efforts to attract talent. Boosted by an optimistic eye to the future for job growth, North Dakota’s economy could see a particularly prosperous 2018.

Steady growth in the Bakken comeback

It has been a good year for the return of the Bakken oil fields, and 2018 promises to be even better. More importantly, the growth that is coming to North Dakota is a bit slower and steadier, suggesting it will be more broad-based and permanent.

This also means that new employees coming to the region may have more time for proper training in safety and operations, meaning that accidents may not be as common. We are always hoping for a safe and sustainable growth for North Dakota as the Bakken comes back as a key part of the nation’s energy future.

North Dakota listed among oilfield fatality states

A drilling accident last week near Quinton, Oklahoma put rig explosions in the spotlight nationwide. The accident took the lives of five workers.

An Associated Press report appearing in the Bismarck Tribune pointed out that oilfield fatalities over the past decade have not matched on-the-job worker deaths in other industries.

What should I do when I have been involved in an oilfield accident

Oilfield companies are no strangers to accidents. Most of the large companies have safety departments or risk managers whose primary responsibility includes investigating an oilfield accident within sometimes minutes or hours after an accident has occurred. Unfortunately, these investigations are not usually done for the benefit of the worker. Instead, the investigations are conducted to determine how to avoid responsibility for the incident.

Oil companies bringing life back to Bakken

There has been much talk about the Bakken’s decrease in production over the last couple of years, and just as much talk about the recent upward trends. Now, oil company executives are telling North Dakotan legislators that the Bakken is on the upswing, and there’s still more work to be done and more wells to be drilled.

According to Brent Lohnes, the director of Hess operations in the state, the Bakken could grow to produce 175,000 barrels a day in a couple of years, a sizeable increase over the current production of 105,000 barrels per day, as per The Bismarck Tribune.

A 10% increase in the Bakken?

The director of North Dakota’s Department of Mineral Resources, Lynn Helms, has an encouraging prediction. Namely, Helms is predicting that North Dakota’s Bakken Shale will have a 10% growth in oil and natural gas activity in the coming year, with continuing growth in the following two years, according to a recent article by NGI.

Helms, who holds an annual talk on the subject, remarked how the existence of four recent tests for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) will be instrumental in extending the production of oil in the region. Companies which have began using EOR have seen an significant increases in reserve gain. 

Oil and gas industries among the most dangerous, numbers confirm

The oil and gas industry has a reputation for being dangerous. Combining heavy machinery with long hours and conditions that are difficult to predict can lead to less-than-safe situations. But what exactly do the figures say? Do they confirm this widely held assumption?

Turns out, they do. Well, it depends on which numbers are presented, apparently. According to a recent article by E&E News, data from the oil and gas industry pushes numbers that shows their injuries are in line with other industries across the country. But a recent report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shows that the data is consistent with a high rate of worker fatalities. 

The Bakken is back on track, save for a few speed bumps

In terms of oil production, those in the industry often look for an important benchmark: a million barrels per day. North Dakota's Bakken region regularly cleared this benchmark during the height of the oil boom in the region, before falling short for some time.

The Bakken is back at producing above the benchmark. However, it's not all smooth sailing. While oil producing companies are drilling Bakken wells at breakneck speeds, they are also drilling them faster than they can be brought online due to a shortage of trained workers, according to a recent article by The Bismarck Tribune.

Senator pushes for new assessment of the Bakken’s oil

A U.S. senator from North Dakota is priming to take a big risk. John Hoeven, the senior U.S. senator from our state, is requesting a new estimate from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) for the amount of recoverable oil in the Bakken-Three Forks formation.

The last estimate is from 2013, and estimated the amount of recoverable crude oil to be at or around 7.4 billion barrels, itself twice as much as the previous estimate from 2008. Now, Senator Hoeven is hoping that a new estimate will continue on the trend of showing more recoverable crude, thereby bringing back production and investments in the Bakken region, according to a recent article by  

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