Helping Those Injured In Fires And Blowouts

Drilling for oil is inherently dangerous. Oil is extremely flammable, and accidents can occur at every step of the process, before any drilling even begins. Vapors can build up and seep into storage containers and other crevices, where pressure can mount. Without the proper care and tools, explosions and fires can occur, sending sparks and flames across the work site, potentially injuring any workers in the way.

At Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., based in Bismarck, we have helped injured oilfield workers in North Dakota, as well as in neighboring Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota. We assist in cases involving catastrophic injuries stemming from oil field fires and explosions, and fight for our clients and their loved ones to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses, including emotional damage.

Fires Can Cause Serious, Permanent Injuries. We Can Help.

Oilfield fires can be difficult to put out, as firefighters often have to struggle to contain and extinguish it from a distance. In the meantime, a fire or explosion can cause significant damage, including a burn injury, head trauma and broken bones.

In these instances, an experienced, local lawyer can help you and your loved ones find the right legal strategy.

Our team is familiar with the oilfields in the region and we know how grave an injury can be. We also know that, often, workers' compensation isn't your only resource, particularly if the injury occurred due to the actions or inattention of someone other than your employer or coworker.

Helping Those In The Bakken And Across The Region Secure The Proper Compensation

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