Recovering Compensation For Those Injured In Oil Field Falls

North Dakota's Bakken reserve generally produces over a million barrels of oil per day. The oil industry in the region has employed and contracted thousands of individuals across the state in recent years. However, in an industry so reliant on physical labor, personal injuries occur often and they tend to be very serious, if not catastrophic.

In particular, workers may often need to climb great heights or work on elevated platforms on derricks and rigs. Any slip in attention or safety equipment can cause a fall and a serious injury. In other circumstances, equipment and tools can be dropped on unsuspecting workers, usually resulting in significant injuries and even deaths.

In these situations, our lawyers have fought on behalf of oil field workers and their families to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and emotional suffering. Attorney Dave Schweigert grew up in the region and knows the people and terrain firsthand, and has the experience to pursue your claim to completion.

Compensation For Serious Falls And Falling Object Injuries

Oil field falls are always serious and many times turn out to be deadly. In these cases, workers' compensation isn't your only recourse. While it may be helpful in obtaining some financial help to cover your costs and expenses, you may be entitled to more significant compensation.

Often, there may be someone or something else besides your company and coworkers responsible for the injury, whether it's unsafe equipment or third party individuals. With so many operators and contractors working in the oilfields, we can help discern who is at fault and how to best proceed in pursuing your claim.

Helping Those Injured And Their Families Find The Proper Compensation

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