Dealing With The Aftermath Of An Oil Field Explosion

Explosions at oil fields result in devastating injuries, usually on a wide scale. For injured workers and their families, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help.

At the law firm of Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., in Bismarck, we know that your choice of attorney is an important one. As a result, we offer a free initial consultation with no obligation to discuss your legal options. Call 701-214-4449 to speak to one of our lawyers. We offer home and hospital consultations.

Do I Need A Local Attorney To Handle My Case?

The Bakken oil fields in North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota draw workers from all across the United States. While you could hire a lawyer in your home state to represent you, that lawyer would need to retain local counsel. Only a lawyer who is licensed to practice in the state where you were injured can represent you in court.

The attorneys of Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., represent oil workers throughout the United States who are injured in accidents in North Dakota Montana, and Minnesota . We also represent family members of workers who die in explosions and other fatal accidents.

When a serious accident occurs in an oil field, operators often look for ways to avoid liability. For example, the operator may blame the accident on a subcontractor, a supplier, the equipment manufacturer — even the injured worker. To protect your rights, it's important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to collect and preserve evidence of liability. Our attorneys know the local operators, suppliers and contractors who work in the oil fields of North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota. We work with investigators who can quickly gather the evidence we will need to obtain maximum compensation from all liable parties.

While most oil field accident cases are resolved out of court, the other side will not treat your claim seriously unless you are represented by an attorney who is willing and able to try the case. When push comes to shove, we know the local courts and the people who serve on local juries.

Protecting Your Right To Full Compensation

If you have been injured while working in the oil fields of North Dakota or Montana or if you lost a family member in a fatal accident, we invite you to call 701-214-4449, or write us using our online form.

Our contingency fee arrangement means we charge no fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for you.