Workers Injured Due To Defective Oil Field Equipment Deserve Experienced Representation

Oilfield work is largely depended on heavy equipment and human labor. However, when equipment is defective or poorly maintained, whether due to inattention or other reasons, serious injuries can occur. While the equipment is necessary to the safety of workers, poorly maintained equipment can cause a large variety of injuries, many of them catastrophic.

The attorneys at Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., have helped those injured due to defective oil field equipment in North Dakota, as well as in Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota. We understand that a serious injury can upend a family. We know it can leave you with thousands of dollars in medical and other expenses. We'll fight for your compensation.

Equipment Malfunctions Can Be Deadly

Heavy equipment is necessary for the job. However, that also means there's a greater chance of malfunction. Anything from service trucks to high-speed drilling machinery to derricks and rigs has the potential to malfunction, causing serious injuries and wrongful deaths.

Our attorneys have assisted clients and their families that have been impacted due to injuries resulting from improper design, improper manufacture and poor instructions, as well as poor training and maintenance.

In the aftermath of such an injury, it's imperative to find out where the responsibility lies and what caused the injury in the first place. We work with experienced professionals to examine both the causes of the accident, as well as the equipment, in order to draft a strong case on your behalf.

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