Helping Victims Of Burns And Their Families Be Financially Secure

Every year, there are nearly half a million burn injuries. Some 40,000 of them require hospitalization, many of them are at hospital burn centers 1. A serious burn injury can cause irreparable damage. It can render you unable to work or even enjoy daily life. The associated medical costs can jump into the hundreds of thousands range. Finally, the emotional and psychological toll can be grave.

At Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., we have assisted individuals who have suffered serious burn injuries, as well as their families, for years. Operating out of Bismarck but representing clients across North Dakota, Minnesota and the surrounding states, we strive to pursue the maximum compensation for our clients.

Experienced Representation In Burn Injury Matters

While first- and second-degree burns can be serious and impact your life, third-degree burns are usually devastating. Individuals with third-degree burns, sometimes referred to as full thickness burns, often require skin grafts and other reconstructive procedures. They are extremely serious, and cause significant pain to those afflicted.

Our lawyers work with life-care planners and other professionals to pursue the claims of individuals who suffered serious burns as a result of:

In addition, we assist clients who have been injured due to chemical or electrical burns.

With a severe injury, the focus is on improving the quality of life. By working with life-care planners, we strive to make sure you are financially and emotionally prepared to resume your life following your injury.

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1. American Burn Association